Summer School "Ecology and Society: Frontiers and Boundaries" / 3 - 7 June 2019

Ecosystems societies Climate change Forests Hydrosystems Atmosphere Biodiversity Agrosystems Pressures Impacts Modelling Pollution Ecotoxicology Biogeochimical cycles Ecology Adaptability

Commodifying ecosystemic services

Dune du Pyla


Field trip - Salles

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Field trip - Salles

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Visiting Bordeaux

Round table Global ecology

Forest Trip - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

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Forests week

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UMR Biodiversité Gènes et Communautés (BioGeCo) INRA, population genetics.

I work in the field of evolutionary genetics on species such as European white oak, beech and red oak. My main research relates to genetic conservation and management. I study the relation between European white oak species, their differentiation, genetic structure and adaptation. In the case of beech, I work on spatial genetic structure as well as adaptation. We are developing a new program on marginal population to link genetics and history.
The red oak program aim is to identify best genetic material to optimize reforestation. This year we initiate a new program, to study the genetic component of the red oak invasion.