Symposium Univ Bordeaux

Summer School "Interactions between ecosystems and rural–urban fringes" 11th - 15th June 2018

Gabrielle BOULEAU

Researcher, Irstea Bordeaux

Gabrielle Bouleau was trained as an agronomist (MS in AgroParisTech) and an environmental engineer (Ingénieur du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts). She practiced three years as a state water engineer (1995-1998) then she came back to academia. She taught comparative studies of water management and environment under the EU laws at ENGREF (1998-2005). She defended a PhD in 2007 (environmental sciences, AgroParisTech). Then she conducted a post-doctoral research in political ecology at UC Berkeley with Nancy Peluso and Matt Kondolf on river restoration in both contexts of the EU and the US. Her research at Irstea is broadly situated in the field of political ecology and policy analysis. She addresses water management and environmental politics in the face of decentralisation, Europeanisation and globalisation.