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Symposium Univ Bordeaux

COTE Summer School “Weak signals and emerging issues in ecological transition” 3th - 7th July 2017

Ecosystems societies Climate change Forests Hydrosystems Atmosphere Biodiversity Agrosystems Pressures Impacts Modelling Pollution Ecotoxicology Biogeochimical cycles Ecology Adaptability

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Forest trip

Visiting Bordeaux


Photo credit, EPOC-LPTC

Thematic weeks organisation committee

Crédit, G.Loubota

Boat trip

Field trip 2015 - Forest Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Conference room


Biogeochemical cycles of disrupted ecosystems

Forest trip

Visiting Bordeaux

Field trip - Salles

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Report by students

Field Trip

Field trip 2015 - Château Suduiraut, Crédits photo LabEx COTE