Summer School "Ecology and Society: Frontiers and Boundaries" / 3 - 7 June 2019

Ecosystems societies Climate change Forests Hydrosystems Atmosphere Biodiversity Agrosystems Pressures Impacts Modelling Pollution Ecotoxicology Biogeochimical cycles Ecology Adaptability


Biogeochemical cycles of disrupted ecosystems

Dune du Pyla

Vineyard - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Fieldtrip Ciron - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Report by students

Round table Global ecology

Dégustation - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Ecology and society

Vineyard - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Crédit, G.Loubota

Class room - Crédits photo LabEx COTE

Boat trip

Visiting Bordeaux

Round table on global change

Dune du Pyla

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Field trip - Salles

Field trip - Salles



Facilitator, Ecosynergy

Dr. Barbara Oliveira is a process designer, trainer, facilitator, mediator, change agent, strategic negotiator and host of meaningful conversations. Throughout her career, Barbara built capacity and fostered collaborative decision making among more than 2000 leaders worldwide on issues of climate change, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and forestry, clean energy futures, sustainable mining and company community relations. Barbara is a renowned expert in achieving results in complex environments, using systemic approaches such as the Art of Hosting, Integral Facilitation, Deep Democracy and the Thinking Environment, and Mutual Gains negotiations/mediation. She co-founded the Collaboration Laboratory and founded Ecosynergy – Facilitation and Capacity Building for Sustainability to promote organizational and systems transformation through dialogue and dialogical leadership with NGOs, businesses, government agencies, the UN system, and academia.  Having trained as a lawyer, Barbara has a BA, LLM and PhD in Law and an MBA in Responsible Leadership. Barbara is also a Master Integral CoachTM, a Thinking EnvironmentTM Facilitator and a public speaker in leadership, consensus building, and collaboration, expressing her passion for human connection and the potential that multistakeholder participatory approaches offer to create innovative and inclusive solutions for sustainable development challenges.

Talk on Monday 3rd June