Summer School "Ecology and Society: Frontiers and Boundaries" / 3 - 7 June 2019


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Monday 6th June

Tuesday 7th June

Wednesday 8thJune

Thursday 9thJune

Friday 10th June

Theme of the day

Global change and integrative ecology

Field trip

Contaminant dynamics / transfer
of contaminants between
ecosystems / Emerging Contaminants

Integration between disciplines

Climate change impacts on ecosystems

Morning 1st part

Welcome reception


Alexis Ducousso

Garonne estuary

Marie-Hélène Devier


Elisa Marguerit

Social sciences

Caitriona Carter


Marie-Hélène Devier


Alain Franc

Climate change impacts on grapevine

Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri

Morning 2nd part

Visions of nature

Pieter Leroy

Only what is counted counts? The politics of biodiversity knowledge

Esther Turnhout

Effect-Directed Analysis as a tool for the identification of chemicals of emerging concern

Marja Lamoree

Monitoring water quality using effect-based tools and passive sampling

Etienne Vermeirssen

Scale issues when crossing data from different disciplines: case studies from aquatic ecology

Laure Carassou

Imports and exports of models in ecology: what works and what doesn't

Frédéric Barraquand

What we (don't) know about climate change impacts in European forests

Marcus Lindner

Aquatic ecosystems and climate change. What's new? and what difference does it make?

Eric Rochard

Lunch Break


Afternoon 1st part


Richard Howarth

Round table

Ecology and global change

Laure Carassou

Gabrielle Bouleau

Alain Franc

Richard Howarth

Exploring the 7th Continent with a microscopic focus

Alexandra ter Halle

Marie-Hélène Devier

Uses and quality on an oyster farming territory, the Arcachon Bay : Exposure and effects of contaminants (multidisciplinary approach)

Patrice Gonzalez

Saltmarshes vegetation typology and mapping: the combination of field data with multispectral satellite images.

Marie-Lise Benot

Report by PhD students

Afternoon 2nd part

Student flash presentations

Round table

Gabrielle Bouleau

Geoffrey Carrère