Symposium Univ Bordeaux

Summer School "Ecology and Society: Frontiers and Boundaries" / 3 - 7 June 2019

Kees (Cornelis) VAN LEEUWEN

Professor of viticulture, Bordeaux Sciences Agro and ISVV

Kees (Cornelis) van Leeuwen is professor of viticulture at Bordeaux Sciences Agro and at ISVV. He conducts research on the concept of terroir in viticulture. His works focus on the effect of environmental constraint in the expression of vine-growing terroir. This constraint is most often a limiting of water supply or a limiting of nitrogen nutrition in the vines. Kees van Leeuwen has taken part in the creation and evaluation of several indicators of water supply regime and nitrogen status in vines. He has also worked on the climate effects on the expression of vine-growing terroir. The vine response is evaluated through the assessment of phenology, growth and development, and grape ripening dynamics. Particular attention is paid to the aromatic potential of the grapes in relation to environmental factors. He participated in the creation of the Grapevine Flowering Veraison model (GFV model). He has published extensively on the effect of climate change on viticulture. Kees van Leeuwen is creator and editor in chief the international peer-reviewed open access journal OENO One. His research papers are available on his personal web pages.

Ecosystems societies Climate change Forests Hydrosystems Atmosphere Biodiversity Agrosystems Pressures Impacts Modelling Pollution Ecotoxicology Biogeochimical cycles Ecology Adaptability

Biogeochemical cycles of disrupted ecosystems

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