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Symposium Univ Bordeaux

Summer School “Weak signals and emerging issues in ecological transition” 3th - 7th July 2017

COTE Summer School 2017:

"Weak signals and emerging issues in ecological transition"

Bordeaux, France, 03 - 07 July 2017

The Summer School is part of the COTE Cluster of Excellence training programme and gathers PhD students in environmental sciences, each specialised in different disciplines such as ecology, chemistry, biology and even sociology. Through talks, field trips and round tables with international experts on integrative ecology, the programme will provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach on the definition, detection and role of weak signals and emerging issues in the ecological transition.

Theme & programme:
Climate-induced ecological changes as well as changes in consumption patterns have led to emerging issues. These often manifest before full development as weak signals, which can reveal important trends within ecosystems. However, it is often difficult to distinguish them statistically from ambient noise, or from random fluctuations of well-known signals. The COTE Summer School will show that scientists have more and more tools to monitor the planet. Its programme will cover several aspects of weak signals and emerging issues with presentations on new detectable substances in the environment, environmental reporting, ecological governance and political change for transition, weak signals and measurement techniques in marine, vineyard, forest and river ecosystems, and even on a paradigm shift related to the role of cloud microorganisms in atmospheric processes.
To learn more about our speakers and the programme, click here.

Participants, fees & how to apply:
The course is free of charge and includes accommodation and meals. Travel expenses must be covered by the participants. Mobility grants are available on demand (see registration terms available here). The course is in English and candidates must be PhD students.
To apply, please click on the register button below and fill in the application form, upload a CV, a cover letter and a short letter of support from your supervisor in the online application form. If you also apply for a mobility grant, please add a letter justifying your request. All documents have to be merged into a single PDF file. Application deadline is 23 April 2017.

Further information:
To learn more about the COTE Cluster of Excellence, please visit the COTE website.
For any questions, please contact the COTE managers at



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Round table Global ecology

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Field trip - Salles



Round table on global change

Hydrosystems week



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Field Trip

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Commodifying ecosystemic services

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Forest trip